The Traction Strategy team has extensive experience with leading strategic planning and thinking processes. We believe strongly that the process should be tailored to suit your unique situation, and that a strategic plan should not be rigid or created just for the sake of having one.

We also feel that the process of planning can be as important as the product. While in the end you want to have a concrete and realistic plan in your hand that will provide you with a road map to achieving your goals, the process of creating the plan can have tremendous value for your organization in and of itself.

If done thoughtfully, and if a range of stakeholders are included, the planning process provides an opportunity for team building, constructive dialogue around difficult issues, making connections between activities in your organization, and allowing for creative thinking that can generate new ideas.

Some of the elements of strategic planning and thinking we can help you with include:

  • Collaborative vision, mission, values development
  • Strategic analysis of market and environmental scans
  • Strategy development for organizational or project goals
  • Assessment of organizational readiness
  • Synthesis and prioritization of goals and strategies
  • Creation of integrated work plans and plan management strategies
  • Stakeholder engagement and customer focus groups
  • Organizational / team story development


I have participated in Strategic Planning exercises for a number of years and have never had one that was even as remotely successful as the one which Traction Strategy managed.

Michael Peterson, Partner, McMillan Binch, LLP