Change is an inevitable and necessary part of business, but it can also be challenging to implement changes. Those involved in leading and making the changes can easily get frustrated or dissuaded when trying to engage people in the change, and those affected by it can feel threatened or confused by what is happening.To help you build your capacity for leading and navigating change we work with Actee from Denmark as their Canadian delivery partner for their high-quality change leadership tools and processes (

Actee learning experiences address change, leadership and communication and have a wide range of simulation cases and game-based processes to choose from. It is a very well tested program and has been used by top companies all over the world.

Some of the Actee offerings include:

  1. ActeeChange an online and offline simulation tool and an educational game hub for change management and leadership development. The technology is based on game elements especially created to spark energy and motivation required in successful organizational changes. The game structure in this theory-based training platform engages people, and it helps to anchor the change at the workplace.
  2. ActeeLeadership a leadership development simulation is interactive and engaging. Participants practice and experience situations for themselves . This can help anyone develop their leadership skills, both in a general way and in the specific change context.
  3. ActeeCommunication is a conversation-based tool that enhances awareness for professionals who work with multiple stakeholders and have to delicately balance the interests. It helps participants explore new communication techniques and improves their analytical skills, and skills for influencing and motivating independent stakeholders, over whom the professionals may not have any direct or formal control.

Actee has tremendous flexibility as it can be used for an in-person workshop, or you can take advantage of the very robust online / digital offering  – which can be used for learning as well as creating and managing your own change projects through the system.

My favorite thing from the process is that the teams are now creating their own momentum, it is not coming from the leadership team. The teams are so anxious to see their projects come to fruition that they are driving the projects on their own.

-Claire Santamaria, Director, Oxford Properties