One of our unique offerings is designing and leading game-based processes. “Serious games” for business and organizational development are an excellent way to increase participant motivation and to get you results in a creative and engaging way. Games can support your efforts to deal with key organizational challenges from breaking down silos, to breaking free of the blah, blah, blah; from tackling wicked problems in an energizing way, to leveling the playing field for those around the table. Some of the game related services we have include:

  • Leading game-based workshops including:
    • Innovate or Dinosaur – a collaborative innovation game to generate new ideas and move them to action (
    • Innovation Diamond – an innovation learning game exploring the roles and techniques of the innovation process (from our partners at
    • ActeeChange – Get energized and learn expert skills to lead complex change.
  • Custom developing games for your unique needs and participants group.
  • Leading game design workshops so you can create your own game.
  • Providing some games for sale, including our innovation games above, so you can own your own copy.

To learn more about how games can uniquely support your business visit:

To order a copy of “Gamification for Business”, a book we collaborated on with other business game developers, visit our webshop at:

We also use and sell the Sneakerfish creative thinking card decks that we developed specifically to support our clients to get unstuck, develop strategic actions, improve products and processes, and generate new ideas. Classic Techniques and Inspired by Nature cards decks can be purchased here for your own use –

The board game was very innovative itself and created a great atmosphere and a logical framework for innovation. It was very easy to enjoy the session. Further, I’m astonished at the sheer volume of actionable ideas that were put into motion today. Not only did we walk away from this session with a framework that outlines an innovative thought process, but we also left with several great projects that can really bring our customer experience to the next level.

Adrian, Operations Supervisor, SQ1