Annual and Strategic Planning

The Traction Strategy team has extensive experience with leading strategic planning and thinking processes. We believe strongly that the process should be tailored to suit your unique situation, and that a strategic plan should not be rigid or created just for the sake of having one.

We also feel that the process of planning can be as important as the product. While in the end you want to have a concrete and realistic plan in your hand that will provide you with a road map to achieving your goals, the process of creating the plan can have tremendous value for your organization in and of itself.

If done thoughtfully, and if a range of stakeholders are included, the planning process provides an opportunity for team building, constructive dialogue around difficult issues, making connections between activities in your organization, and allowing for creative thinking that can generate new ideas.

“I have participated in Strategic Planning exercises for a number of years and have never had one that was even as remotely successful as the one which Traction Strategy managed.”

-Michael Peterson, Partner, McMillan Binch, LLP

Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

You may have any number of reasons why you want to bring your employees and stakeholders together for collective dialogue, deliberation and decision-making.

Whether you want to get input on an idea, activate a vision, innovate, develop a new program, create a new brand identity, or problem solve, we understand that bringing your employees or stakeholders together is an investment you want to get the most out of. We can do that for you.

We design and lead small and large scale, inclusive and participatory engagement processes that maximize your investment by helping you meet your engagement goals in a short time and fostering ownership of the outcomes by those involved.

“In short, order was brought to chaos. Outstanding! Highly Recommended!”

– Richard Phillips, Team Lead, Ministry of Natural Resources

Qualitative Research Moderation

Our facilitation work intersects with research on a number of fronts.

We are often called on to help groups interpret and integrate research into their strategic planning and decision-making, and we regularly design and moderate customer focus groups and interviews to glean insights for marketing and innovation teams.

We work closely with research partners and marketing companies to design and produce qualitative research initiatives, or to ensure that existing research is effectively and efficiently moved from insight to action.

“Not only is the research facilitated by Traction Strategy insightful… it’s actionable!”

– Marco Biasiotto, Director Asset Research, Oxford Properties Group

Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

Innovate or die. Do more with less. This is what individuals and teams are being pushed to do if they want their business to survive and thrive. Being innovative and creative in the current context is more important than ever as resources are tight and competition is fierce. As Edward de Bono, the guru of lateral thinking, puts it:
”Creativity has become essential. This is because everything else has become a commodity available to everyone…There is nothing you can do to prevent your competitors also becoming competent…That leaves creating new value as the basis for competition.”

When you need to a creative boost or an injection of innovation we can help. We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves to help you and your team, break out of any ideation-fatigue, think differently, be strategic and drive those ideas to action.

Check out our award-winning, collaborative innovation game at:

Organizational Change

Change is an inevitable and necessary part of business but it can also be challenging to implement changes. Those involved in leading and making the changes can easily get frustrated or dissuaded – especially when it comes to engaging people in the vision for the change and navigating all the resulting communication needs.

With customized processes and some excellent tools, we can support you in getting ahead of the challenges by engaging stakeholders early and often, building your internal capacity for managing the change, developing a communications plan and measuring the impact of the change as it is implemented.