We have an overflowing tool kit of methods and processes that we draw from to help get you to where you want to go. One of our unique offerings is designing and leading game-based processes.

“Serious games” for business and organizational development are an excellent way to increase participant motivation and to get you results in a creative and engaging way. In fact, including opportunities for “play” and “playfulness” in the workplace has surpassed “a sense of purpose” as a key driver in employee engagement and retainment.

We custom design games for learning, strategy, innovation, change and more. We also partner with other talented organizational game designers to give you a wide range of options to meet your needs.

Additionally, we can lead – or you can lead – our award-winning collaborative innovation game, Innovate or Dinosaur. Innovate or Dinosaur is an award-winning, collaborative innovation game that helps teams, businesses and organizations think creatively and critically, generate new ideas for real work opportunities and challenges, and move those ideas to action. The game offers a different kind of innovation experience and builds the capacity of participants to “innovate everyday”.

The game worked very well, it was a great complement to the theory discussion. It helped our MBAs understand some key aspects of creativity such as playfulness, and collaboration, practice creative techniques, learn new ones, and work on their projects. All in all, an excellent ingredient of the workshop. I will definitely use it again, very soon.

Mattia Bianchi, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

The board game was very innovative in itself and created a great atmosphere and a logical framework for innovation. It was very easy to enjoy the session. Further, I’m astonished at the sheer volume of actionable ideas that were put into motion today. Not only did we walk away from this session with a framework that outlines an innovative thought process, but we also left with several great projects that can really bring our customer experience to the next level.

Adrian, Operations Supervisor